With decorative lettering, bringing text to life has never been easier !

Welcome to CaptainText!


We offer decorative lettering, wall stickers, and other objects made out of texts, words, and letters because we believe everybody deserves meaningful interior decoration!


Whether from your kid’s first words, a song, a Facebook post, a quote, or pure nonsensical text, we’re here to turn every letter into unique objects.


Easily restyle your living room, your office, your kitchen, or any other room with your personality! It only takes a few clicks.


Start with the DESIGN NOW button to create your own stickers, or scroll down if you want to turn your kid’s words into a wall sticker or buy CaptainText standard items.

Decorative Lettering Shop

Are you searching for an easy way to redecorate your living room, the kid’s room, your office, the kitchen, or any other personal or work space?


Search no more! At CaptainText you have the largest choice of text wall stickers and decorative lettering items to renew your interior style without losing sleep about the idea of renovating or repainting anything.


All our products are easy to put in place and easy to remove! Simply replace them with new ones whenever you feel like to better match your feelings or the seasons.

Kid’s first handwritten letter

How sweet it is when children start writing! Almost like when babies say their first word! They can write simple words, or special letters to their dads & mums, their teachers, and, of course, to Santa!


These sweet little notes often get forgotten in drawers or other containers and very rarely are they read ever again more than once or twice.


With CaptainText, you can now make them last much longer! By using our online free tool, you can turn your kid’s cute texts into beautiful and unique wall stickers that you can read at any time.


Whether it’s for a birthday, for Mother’s Day, as a present, or just to decorate your kid’s bedroom, everybody will love reading these first words or “I love you mum” on the wall. The result is so emotional! Try it now. It’s as simple as clicking the button below.

Decorative Lettering

Gift Card

Whether for a friend’s birthday or for someone in your family, offer decorative lettering as a gift card!


It is the best and easiest way to please people with something really original and useful. With a CaptainText gift card, anybody can choose a standard decorative lettering item or create his or her own wall sticker with our free online tool. Everything is there to match any interior style, color, size, and taste!

Click the button below to buy your CaptainText gift card.

Why choose us


We decided to reduce our carbon footprint by offering products made in Europe and to contribute to the social economy by hiring disabled people to take care of the packing & shipping. Yes, being environmentally and socially responsible is important to us!


There are words and there are CaptainText words!
We only use thin, resistant, washable vinyl, and other high-quality materials for all our products, and we review everything before production to make sure it will look great.


The magic in just four steps: 1) Choose your text, the room, the size, and colour. 2) Create your own design or pick one of our standard items. 3) Follow our step-by-step instructions to put your product in place. 4) Sit down and admire your amazing text!


Make your place unique with a customized wall sticker or text object!
With our free online tool, you can turn the text you want, be it an SMS, your kid’s first letter, a chat, or anything else, into a tailored unique sticker or object.


We ship your text decoration wherever you are!
Our packages are resistant and can be shipped easily to any destination across the world. For deliveries in Europe, the shipping cost is on us for any order above 80€. So, make it BIG 😉


If you get a standard item wrong, you can return it for a refund, as explained on our Return & Withdrawal page. And if you have any doubts before your purchase, especially for customized items, contact us: we are always happy to help.


Our mission is to make your text sticker and decoration a success!
French, German, Spanish, Italian, … at CaptainText we are all ready to assist you in your language. Whether it is for a standard item or for using our online tool to make a customized one, just reach out to us.

Customer reviews


Super happy with my order. Quality product... Fast delivery ... easy installation. I recommend 😊


I bought the number and letter of the alphabet for my daughter's playroom. Very cute! I will come back for another order.


The sticker matches the picture. Very good quality. Looks like murals.


I ordered the sticker "World map". Really happy with the result! All my guests find it original and nice! In the beginning, we were skeptical about having the sticker on the wall, but in the end, the result is excellent!

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