Delivery information

(Unless otherwise defined, or unless the context requires otherwise, Aall capitalised words on this page are defined in the Terms & Conditions, which you can view by clicking here



Company delivers the Standard Products and the Customized Products to Clients within the delivery time indicated during the validation of the Clients’ purchase order.

All delivery times are calculated from receipt of payment in full for the purchase order on the Company’s bank account.

Before accepting the delivered package, Clients must check the outer packaging and verify that its content corresponds to their purchase order. Although the Company takes great care in preparing and shipping Clients’ purchase orders, some items might get lost or damaged during transportation. If that is the case, Clients must mention the issue on the carrier’s delivery document and contact the Company at immediately.

The transfer of risk of the Products takes place when the Client, or a third person designated by him, takes physical possession of the Products.

The Products delivered by the Company are new. If a Product is defective or non-conforming, the Company will provide an exchange or a refund, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.