Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I found more details about materials and about how to do the installation?

You can find all the detailed information on the product page of each item. When you are on your item page, simply click on the tab “Product specifications” to find everything about the materials, and on “Installation & removal instructions” to follow the steps for installing your item.

Where can I use CaptainText wall stickers?

CaptainText wall stickers can be used on any dry, clean, and smooth walls. Wet, cold, dirty, greasy walls, rough or with patterns or ridges, must be avoided because the stickers cannot stick properly.

Can I use CaptainText stickers on a recently painted wall?

Yes, you can, but make sure to let it dry for at least one month before using one of the CaptainText stickers.

Is it easy to remove CaptainText stickers from the wall?

Removing CaptainText stickers from the wall is easy. You only need a little sharp knife and sometimes a hairdryer to soften the sticker. The easy removal of one of our stickers from the wall makes it possible for you to comfortably change them as often as you like, for a special occasion, or for the new season, or just whenever you feel like.

What happens after I removed CaptainText stickers from the wall?

If you remove your CaptainText sticker after a long time, like several years, sunlight or dust might have altered the color of your wall around the sticker. In this case, removing your sticker might leave a light shadow of it that you could try to clean with some water, if your paint is washable, or to cover with a new wall sticker.

Can I use CaptainText wall stickers in my kitchen or in my bathroom?

Yes, sure you can! But only if your wall sticker does not get into direct contact with water, moist or other liquids. Please remember that wet, cold, dirty, greasy walls, rough or with patterns or ridges, are not compatible.

Is it possible to test if CaptainText sticker can be used on my wall?

Yes, it is, and it is very easy! Simply take some adhesive tape and stick it on the wall you want to test. If the tape stays stuck overnight without moving, the wall should be suitable for CaptainText stickers. Please remember that wet, cold, dirty, greasy walls, rough or with patterns or ridges, are not compatible.

Can I move the sticker?

If you did not remove the application film, you can change the position of your sticker and move it to a different place of your wall. Otherwise, if you removed the application film, repositioning the sticker will deteriorate its sticking capacity and therefore the attaching quality of your sticker once repositioned.

Can I store CaptainText wall stickers for sometime before applying it on my wall?

You can store CaptainText wall stickers just for a little time. If you really need to wait before using them, then store the sticker horizontally unrolled in a dry room for no longer than 2 weeks at a temperature between 10 to 25 C.

How is the size of CaptainText stickers indicated on the website?

All our wall stickers sizes are indicated by width x height in centimeters.

Can I see CaptainText wall stickers before buying one?

CaptainText is a pure-player online shop only and we are specialized in tailored and customized wall stickers. For that reason, there is no physical store that can show you our items before buying. However, you can get a realistic idea of our wall stickers by using our online tool. Our online customization sticker tool can provide you a very high-quality simulation of how they look in your room by uploading the picture of your wall or the picture of your room.

What if I have a special request?

At CaptainText we are specialized in customized text wall stickers. We can produce any personalized wall sticker based on the size you set on our online tool for sticker customization. If you need a size that is not among the options offered in the tool, just contact us by email at and we’ll tailor-make your wall sticker for the exact dimensions you want.

How long does it take to receive my wall sticker?

CaptainText deliveries for standard wall stickers are within seven working days, while for customized wall stickers they might take longer. The precise delivery time for customized wall stickers will be confirmed to you during your order and before the validation of your payment. For both standard and customized stickers, the delivery times start from the reception of your full payment. Please notice that orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day.

Is it possible to check the delivery status of my wall sticker?

Yes! To check the status of your delivery, simply login to your account. If you didn’t receive an email from us about your delivery, please check in your spam box. And if you have any other questions concerning your order or your delivery, don’t forget to contact us at

Can I cancel my order and return my sticker?

Yes, you can, but cancellation and returns are subject to conditions. Please read all the explanations on the T&Cs page or contact us at for further information.

I still have questions and I cannot find the answer here… what do I do?

If you happen to have questions that we didn’t answer in this FAQ, please contact us at We’ll be happy to help you from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 Paris time.