Installation & Tips

Do you have a doubt about how to install CaptainText wall stickers? Do you want to make sure you have everything you need to install your customised wall sticker perfectly?

Follow these step-by-step instructions and installing your CaptainText wall sticker will be child’s play.

ATTENTION – Read the instructions and watch the video before installing your wall sticker! If you install the wall sticker without reading these instructions, we cannot accept any claims your wall sticker does not attach properly.

Watch the installation video now!

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Clean your wall and make sure it is dry, smooth, and uniform. Important: wet, cold, dirty, greasy walls, rough or with patterns or ridges, are not compatible.

If necessary, mark the area where you want to install the sticker on the wall with a pencil.


Once the small unpeeled part is well attached to the wall, carefully remove the rest of the back white sheet, and gently push the sticker entirely against the wall. Use your hands or a ruler or a squeegee to help the sticker attach to the wall without air bubbles.


Unroll your wall sticker and flatten the back sheet using a plastic squeegee or a ruler or a plastic card, such as a credit card, to make sure the wall sticker is fully attached to the transparent application film.


Once your sticker is totally attached to the wall, slowly peel off the transparent film pulling it down vertically, parallel to the wall. Use your hands or a small card to help the sticker stay on the wall when removing the film.


Carefully unpeel a small part of the back white sheet from one of the top corners making sure the wall sticker stays attached to the transparent application film.

Place the unpeeled part of the sticker on the desired position on the wall. The sticky side must be facing the wall.


Make sure the sticker’s edges and corners are well stuck on the wall. If some little pieces of the sticker are not attached, gently push them on the wall with your fingers or a little card.


You’re done! Your CaptainText wall sticker is ready to be admired!

Installation videos

 Please change your YouTube video quality to 720p or more for a better view.

More Tips

  • The bigger the wall sticker, the more beautiful it is! But installing a large wall sticker by yourself alone can be hard since you risk getting it uneven or not smooth. Ask a friend or a family member to help you. Not only do more people make the operation easier; they also help make it a fun moment!


  • The transportation during the delivery of your wall sticker might produce some bubbles of air between the back white sheet and the sticker application film. These bubbles are harmless and do not damage the quality of the sticker at all.


  • For best results, use a hairdryer at the lowest warm setting. Blow the warm air towards the application film. That will soften the sticker, helping it stick better on the wall. It might take a bit longer, but the sticker will look better, almost like a mural fresco!


  • Are you unsure whether your wall is compatible with CaptainText stickers? Before buying, do this simple test: take some adhesive tape and stick it on the wall you want to test.
    If the tape stays attached overnight without moving, the wall should be suitable for CaptainText stickers.


  • Removing our stickers is very easy. Simply start by gently peeling a corner of one letter off the wall, and the rest will come off in seconds. If the sticker is made of separate letters, just repeat the above for each letter. You can also use a hairdryer to help remove the sticker. Blow it at the lowest warm setting to soften the sticker. It will be faster to peel it off the wall.


  • CaptainText wall stickers are produced with top-quality vinyl. The top-quality vinyl lasts long, but the first-use sticking quality only lasts a few weeks. That means your sticker needs to be stuck as soon as possible after you receive it. If you need to store it before the installation, make sure it is stored horizontally unrolled in a clean dry room with a temperature between 10° C and 25° C for no longer than two weeks.


  • To use your CaptainText sticker on a recently painted wall, make sure the wall has been drying for more than one month before attaching the sticker.