Customised text wall stickers… Why?

For three reasons. First, there are tons of texts that remain in people’s memories, whether it is a friend’s joke, a phrase from a movie, a funny SMS, or just pure nonsensical words, and that deserve to be enjoyed more ofter. Second, wall stickers are the easiest way for decorating simply, quickly, and inexpensively any type of interior design. Third, decorating your walls with your customized text means decorating them with a bit of yourself. Your personality and your tastes will create a unique style that nobody else will have!

So, turn your texts into personalized wall stickers and enjoy them to the full! Use our free tool; it is very simple. Just start by choosing the type of sticker you want:

Decorative lettering wall sticker by CaptainText
Decorative lettering wall sticker by CaptainText
Decorative lettering wall sticker by CaptainText

Important customisation tips

  1. The final price will depend on the size and customization of your text wall sticker.
  2. Your customized wall sticker will be produced individually, following your design.
  3. Because of production methods, bigger wall stickers are usually NOT more expensive than smaller ones.
  4. Our customized text wall stickers are produced with high-end wall-specific material.
  5. The customization and production of your customized wall sticker are made in France within 24/48 hours from the validation of your full payment.

If you want a longer text wall sticker, like a poem, a whole song, or a page of a book, please send us an email to indicating the color, the font, the dimensions, and the text you want. We’ll send you a simulation sticker file and the price for producing it in real that you can check and validate before placing your order.
Contact us if you have any concerns, we’re always happy to help!